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Welcome to the Personal Financial Planning Department

Why Personal Financial Planning?
Personal Financial Planning at the University of Missouri is respected as a premier department of its kind in the nation. We teach undergraduates and graduate students, conduct research, deliver service, and spur economic development.


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    TEACHING: PFP at Mizzou offers nine CFP® Board of Standards registered degree programs and certificates. Learn more about our Undergraduate and/or Graduate Programs.

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    RESEARCH: PFP at MIZZOU conducts research to inform households' daily decisions and contribute to public policy deliberations. Learn more about our Research Program.

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    SERVICE: PFP at MIZZOU designs programs to reach out to others and help them achieve financial success. Learn more about our Service Programs.

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    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: PFP at MIZZOU believes a nation is no stronger than its families. Learn more about our Economic Development Program.


Pursuing a career designed to help households achieve important goals is a very rewarding experience: personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. Nothing creates a sense of accomplishment more than knowing you have helped a family grow stronger. To be able to hire a student who is ready to sit for the national CFP exam and who has the ability to listen to their client's dreams is invaluable to financial services professionals.

We welcome you to take a moment to browse our web pages.

What do professionals say about Personal Financial Planning?

"Quality services and products, careful analysis and technology, valuable as they are, cannot replace the human touch led by the passion of the heart. In fact, everything we rely on is enhanced by it. This Department leads the way."

 -Jim Warren, CFP ®, President Warren Financial Group

"My success in life is due in large part to the Personal Financial Planning Department. A curriculum built around the "real world" truly helps me excel in my profession. I owe sincere thanks and gratitude to the Department."

- Jim Deutsch, CFP ®, President Smith-Moore and Company

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