CFP Board-Registered Personal Financial Planning Certificate Now available for Students in the Trulaske College of Business Master in Business Program

This certificate program is 18 credits and focuses on risk management, investment planning, tax planning, employee benefits, retirement planning, and estate planning.

The University of Missouri participates in the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance [GP IDEA,] an inter-institutional program that shares graduate faculty via the Internet.

The University of Missouri is the gateway to GP IDEA resources for students in the Trulaske College of Business Masters in Business program. Questions about the Personal Financial Planning Certificate program can be directed to Deanna L. Sharpe, PhD, CFP®, Director of Graduate Studies, Great Plains IDEA Director.

Advising and registration take place in communication with Personal Financial Planning faculty and program coordinators at Mizzou Online. All courses are listed on a student's transcript as University of Missouri graduate courses and are taught by graduate faculty located at any university within the Great Plains Alliance (Iowa State, Montana State, North Dakota State, Oklahoma State, South Dakota State, University of Missouri, and the University of Nebraska). The University of Missouri grants certificate students in the Trulaske College of Business Masters in Business program.

Coursework cost is set by members of the Great Plains Alliance and is the same across all institutions that are part of the Alliance. This cost typically differs from resident tuition and fee rates at member institutions. Some financial aid is available.

During Fall 2020-Summer 2021, the total cost is $10,620.

MU Course Number Hours MU Course Titles Great Plains Course Titles
FINPLN 7382 3 Financial Planning:  Risk Management Insurance Planning for Families
FINPLN 7383 3 Financial Planning: Investment Management Investing for the Family's Future
FINPLN 7187 3 Financial Planning:  Tax Planning Personal Income Taxation
FINPLN 7386 3 Financial Planning: Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits & the Family
FINPLN 7393 3 Financial Planning:  Estate and Gift Planning Estate Planning for Families
FINPLN 8389 3 Financial Planning Case Studies Financial Planning Case Studies