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Faculty Success at the 2020 Academic Research Colloquium

The MU Department of Personal Financial Planning was well represented at the 2020 CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium for Financial Planning and Related Disciplines held from February 20-22 in Arlington, VA. Dr. Lu Fan, CFP®, presented the research paper titled, “Financial Help-Seeking Behavior and Life Satisfaction Among the U.S. Elderly: The Role of Personality, Cognitive Ability, and Risk Tolerance.” During the research poster session, Dr. Abed Rabbani, CFP®, presented two papers: “Mediating Effect of Financial Knowledge Underconfidence on the Association Between Financial Risk Tolerance and Equity Ownership” and “Moderation of Confidence Level on the Impact of Investment Risk Tolerance on Portfolio Risk” (coauthor with Dr. Zheying Yao, 2019 Ph.D. graduate). Also, during the research poster session, Dr. Rui Yao, CFP®, presented the paper, “The Effect of Bequest Motive on Investment Portfolio Allocation Among Older Adults” (coauthor Weipeng Wu, current Ph.D. student). Dr. Fran Lawrence served on the conference Steering Committee, conducted a roundtable discussion on “Administrative Career Paths,” and presided over several research presentations. Also attending the conference was Tim Sturr, CFP®, MU Personal Financial Planning Advisory Board Member and Managing Director, Planning at Wells Fargo Advisors. Special thanks goes to Dr. Charles Chaffin, Director of Academic Initiatives at CFP Board’s Center for Financial Planning, for his stellar orchestration of the conference.

Dr. Rabbani with poster

Dr. Yao with poster

CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium Steering Committee