When Creditors are Predators

In response to requests from Extension field faculty and community groups, Extension created and continues to support the program, When Credits Are Predators. Extension developed and now delivers this program in collaboration with a rural, grassroots community group, GRO - Grass Roots Organizing.

This program is designed to sensitize low-income consumers and the larger community to the pitfalls of high-cost lending. The When Creditors Are Predators curriculum supports a two-hour workshop for community educators to provide tools and prepare them to work with families who are at risk for tripping the debt trap that predatory lenders help create. Materials are research-based and reality-based in that they not only reflect the latest research but also draw lessons from the lives of those who have fallen victim to predatory financial products.

Snapshot of When Creditors are Predators webwsite

The When Creditors Are Predators website provides information and quizzes that can be used interactively with individuals or in workshop settings.