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Service – MU Extension

Through its service mission, Personal Financial Planning reaches out to Missouri citizens:

University of Missouri Extension campus and field faculty deliver research-based financial education to the Missouri public through local extension offices, workshops and mass media, often in partnership with community groups, volunteers and professionals located throughout Missouri. Extension coordinates 25 volunteer tax preparation and filing sites around Missouri and offers education about:

  • Basic financial management
  • Credit and predatory lending
  • Saving and investing
  • Identity theft and consumer fraud
  • Family tax credits and return preparation
  • Estate planning and insurance

diverse group of hands joined together

The Office for Financial Success provides:

  • Peer financial counseling by trained, supervisedcollege students
  • Financial education outreach to our campus and community
  • Tax preparation for low-income households through Extension’s Missouri Taxpayer Education Initiative (MoTax)
  • Course and curriculum support and training to help high school personaextension_MOtax.html finance teachers meet Missouri requirements, through both our faculty and through being the home to the MU Center for Financial and Economic Education on the MU campus.

We are committed to improving the financial practices of households and the advice they receive. Financial literacy is the foundation upon which individuals and families achieve financial success and reach their own financial and economic goals.

Our Mission

Using science-based knowledge, University of Missouri Extension engages people to understand change, solve problems and make informed decisions.

MU Extension makes university education and information accessible for:

  • Economic viability
  • Empowered individuals
  • Strong families and communities
  • Healthy environments.

University of Missouri Extension is a partnership of the University of Missouri campuses, Lincoln University, the people of Missouri through county extension councils, and the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service of the US Department of Agriculture.