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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Professional Electives

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Personal Financial Planning

Any 4000 level FINPLN courses not already required by the program

***Does not include Problems, Readings, or Topics courses***


ACCT 2037

Any level 3000/4000 level accounting class

Management, Marketing, Economics & Finance

Finance 2000

Any level 3000/4000 level class

Health Care

HTH PR 4300 - Health Care in the United States

Social Work

SOCWK 1115 - Social Welfare and Social Work


SOC 3310

SOC 3420

SOC 2200

SOC 3000

SOC 2230

SOC 3440

SOC 3200

SOC 3320

Any 3000/4000 level sociology class


Any 2000/3000 level statistics class


PSYCH 2310


COMM 3575 - Business and Professional Communication


ENG 2030 - Professional Writing

Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education & Agricultural Journalism

***Does not include Problems, Readings or Topics courses from any department***

Updated: 9/2/14

AG ECON 2123-Introduction to Mathematical Agricultural Economics

AG ECON 2223 – Agricultural Sales

AG ECON 2225 – Statistical Analysis

AG ECON 3224 – New Products Marketing

AG ECON 3283 –Fundamental of Entrepreneurship

AG EDUC 3310 – Teaching Financial Management and Economics

AG JRN 3210 – Fundamentals of Communications

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