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Resident Faculty Profiles

Starla Green-Ivey

Starla L. Green-Ivey, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor, Advisor

Michael Guillemette

Michael Guillemette, PhD
Assistant Professor


Ryan Law

Ryan H. Law, AFC, CFP®
Instructor, Director of the Office for Financial Success, Director of the Center for Economic Education

Deanna Scharpe

Deanna L. Sharpe, PhD, CFP®
Associate Professor, Great Plains IDEA Director

Robert Weagley

Robert O. Weagley, PhD, CFP®
Associate Professor & Department Chair, CFP Program Director

Professor Rui Yao

Rui Yao, PhD, CFP®
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Hua Zan

Hua Zan, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor




Extension Faculty Profiles

Graham McCaulley

Graham McCaulley, MA
Associate Extension Professor, Interim

Brenda Procter

Brenda Procter, MA
Associate Extension Professor, State Family Financial Education Specialist

Lucy Schrader

Lucy Schrader, MA
Assistant Extension Professor, Associate State Specialist

Andrew Zumwalt

Andrew Zumwalt, MS
Assistant Extension Professor, Associate State Specialist


Voronica BonaparteVoronica Bonaparte
Administrative Associate I

239 Stanley Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Phone: (573) 882-7836

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